Aluminum tubes have the highest barrier properties compared with other tubes ...

Plastic tubes

Today it is impossible to imagine a world of cosmetics without plastic extruded tubes ...

Laminate tubes

Laminate tubes are rapidly gaining market of package. The advantages of laminate tubes are clear.

Caps and shoulders

A variety of forms allows the customer to disclose the fully functionality of tube packaging.

New silk-screen printing

In 2012 operation Tube Plant set in a new production line for plastic extrusion tubes with silk-screen printing designs. The advantages of this line can be attributed...

Production of extruded tube diameter 19 mm

Kharkov Tube Plant has successfully tested and established mass production of plastic extrusion tubes of diameter 19 mm with a long nose...

Extruded tubes with "flip-top" push-on

Kharkov Tube Plant has successfully started production of tubes with push-on "flip-tops"...